This program facilitates a means by which local restaurants, grocers, and catering companies can redirect surplus prepared meals headed to landfills to homeless shelters and individuals in crisis.


Roughly 49 million people in the U.S. live in food-insecure households, 16 million of which are children, yet 1.3 billion pounds of food is wasted annually.  Sadly, the restaurant industry is a key contributor; the American phenomenon of super-sizing food has contributed to a super-sized restaurant waste issue.  If all this excess food headed to landfills was rerouted to those in need, hunger would no longer be a problem in the U.S. Food in Motion is an immediate solution to this food waste hunger crisis.


Restaurants and caterers often over-estimate and prepare food that they don’t end up serving to guests. Rather than discard this excess, unserved food, simply text the Food in Motion hotline, and CTF volunteers will pick up this food and deliver it to local hunger relief organizations and organizations that provide meals for those in need in our community.


Food Donation Process:

  1. Identify surplus;
  2. Safely package in food-safe plastic bags or containers;
  3. Weigh food;
  4. Label with donor name, description and weight of food, storage temperature, and date prepared;
  5. Properly store in cooler or freezer at temperature of 41˚F or below;
  6. Text Food in Motion hotline for pickup;
  7. Complete your CTF donation receipt. (All businesses that donate food to CTF are eligible for enhanced tax deductions.)

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