The Care to Feed Foundation is the result of attorney, Christal Bramson, and restaurateur, Mike Bramson, identifying a systemic food waste issue in their local restaurant and catering industry while surrounded by thousands of DC and Arlington residents who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.  The resources were at their fingertips to provide an immediate solution to this waste hunger conundrum by rerouting the surplus in Mike’s own restaurants to those in need.  But in an effort to multiply their efforts, they began recruiting other restaurant owners to join their food recovery movement.  From this, their Food in Motion program was born - a seamless transportation means for restaurant owners, caters, and any other food providers to donate surplus prepared meals to hunger relief organizations. The Bramsons believe their goal of no waste, no hunger in their community, can be realized if all local restaurants play their part in this food rescue movement..

Care to Feed Foundation.

3217 10th Street N., Arlington, VA 22201

202.441.7078  |  info@caretofeed.org